Custodian Selection

Our underlying aim is to help our pension fund clients understand how their custodian is performing versus their peer group. Using our unique benchmarking services clients can clearly identify problem areas and adverse trends and work with our consultants to rectify them. We are independent. We only provide services to institutional investors and never to custodian banks. The transparency provided by our objective analysis reduces the need to "test the market" with regular custodian selection exercises.

Sometimes there is a need to review or change custodian. A weakness of the conventional custodian selection process is that it relies on promises made by custodians and not on the actual performance their clients experience.

We have developed a fundamentally different and unique approach in this area which relies on our peer group data and market knowledge and not on promises made to clients in presentations. This means that our clients are better equipped to assess what they are being offered and what they can actually expect to receive.

Over six years we have analysed the services that all custodians provide for our clients so we understand the service quality custodians are capable of providing and also their limitations. Determining the level of service that can be provided is critical to negotiating fees and legal matters.

We also focus in great detail on understanding the current and future needs of our clients. Time and effort spent at this stage means there is an optimum fit with their selected custodian.